Raw materials have been rigorously selected by our care in order to be able to answer to strict qualitative criteria: singularity of weaving / knitting, comfort, resistance, but also from a social, environmental, and sanitary.point of view, BEARD & FRINGE guarantees to its customers that each fabric, sewing thread, button and strings that composes this garment is GOTS certified. All our garments and packagings are biodegradable.Transport is offset carbon

-We just borrow from earth-

O Manufacture of Fabrics and Garments in Europe

In order to limit the carbon footprint of this garment, the raw material harvest, the spinning, the weaving, the dyeing of the fabric, the accessories as well as the manufacture of the garment itself are located in Europe. The main countries we work with are Turkey, Holland, Romania and Slovakia.

O Waste Reduction

We pay particular attention to the optimized placement of our patterns on the rolls of fabrics, in order to re-use waste and throw as little as possible. For the next collections,we wish, with the help of digital tools, to go further by producing 0 waste, thanks to the design of our patterns.

O Guaranteed 100% Natural Fiber Without Pesticides

The possible addition of hazardous chemical inputs to the skin and the planet in the composition of the raw materials of this garment is strictly prohibited. The production units - threading, weaving, finishing - are frequently and independently controlled. Non-natural products used must comply with the rules of non-toxicity and biodegradability.The use of water is controlled, wastewater is systematically recycled. Natural farming methods block CO2 in the soil and significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

O Respect for Workers’ Human Rights

Fabrics and the garments are manufactured with the following social requirements and principles: Abolition of brutal and inhuman treatment. Regularity of employment.Abolition of discrimination. Decent working hours. Sufficiency of wages. Abolition of child labor, freedom of association and recognition of the rightto collective bargaining. Elimination of forced labor.

O Animal Friendly

The garment is composed entirely of Vegan fibers, no animal trace comes close or far in its manufacture.

O Hand Finishing

Hand sewing is essential in the manufacture of this garment. Certain details can not be created with the machine, only the needle, the yarn, the scissors and the expert hand can guarantee this quality of finish. The reverse side is part of the structure, comfort and design of the creation.


* The GOTS Organic Textile Reference System is recognized as a global reference for textiles made from organic fibers. It sets high-level environmental criteria throughout the organic textile supply chain and also requires compliance with social criteria.