Our story



The idea of ​​creating a clothing brand has long been in the minds of the Machac brothers.It is surely thanks to the influence of a maternal grandmother, the first thimble at Balmain, and of a pioneer grandfather of organic farming, that they draw the inspiration to develop an entirely ecological brand while valuing the purity of the cuts and the requirement of the way.


SYLVAIN MACHAC : it was during his career as a theater actor started at the age of six that he built his intimate relationship with the costume and the garment; on stage "the habit makes the monk". Within B & F Sylvain is in charge of clothing design, sourcing, choice of materials and colors that make up the harmony of a collection.


GIL MACHAC : Since the beginning of his professional experience, he has been involved in entrepreneurship in the creative industries. Successively producer of music, event, content for television or internet. In the 2000s, after selling his streaming agency to the Bolloré group, he decided to become a film director specifically in the fashion industry. He has made many films for magazine websites (VOGUE, ELLE, GQ, BAZZAR HARPER's, V, etc.) and many brands (CHANEL, LACOSTE, JEROME DREYFUSS, MAJE, DESIGUAL etc.). For 4 years, he has collaborated on projects conceived and realized by Jean Paul Goude. At B & F, Gil takes care of the image of the brand.




With BEARD & FRINGE Sylvain and Gil Machac wants to dress women and men in order to provide everyone with well-being, lightness, joy, pride …


They pay particular attention to the selection of quality materials, GOTS certificated, favoring comfort, strength, originality of weaving.


They entrusted the manufacture of their collection to a haute couture workshop in Slovakia, specializing in high-end custom clothing, thus rediscovering the know-how of their grandmother who dressed them when they were young.. 


For Sylvain and Gil, the ecological aspect (without chemical input derived from oil), the transparency of the traceability of their raw materials (fabrics, accessory thread) readable on the clothing labels (from the seed to the finished product), respect social conditions of workers throughout the chain, the European origin of raw materials, respect for the use of water and its reprocessing, the use of 100% biodegradable packaging, the composting of clothing at the end of life ... are an integral part of their qualitative research approach, both technical and moral. Imagining the beautiful and producing clean are for Gil & Sylvain indissociable and complementary commitments, at the heart of their high-end approach. B & F thus renews with the values and tradition that have made the reputation of luxury fashion houses: quality of materials, how to do the way, longevity of use.


The B & F brand conveys values of integrity, respect, pride, joy and sustainable well-being.




The first collection of BEARD & FRINGE comes in two lines


A line #sportchic for Women and Men consisting of joggings, hoodies, skirts, T-shirts, shorts, tank top available in 3 colors (Off white / black for men and women, blue / off white for men, dark gray / yellow for the woman)


The range #sportchic is super comfortable, composed of cotton and cotton / hemp blend, the fabrics being unbleached, untreated preserve all their natural properties, softness, breathing, anti U.V ...

(The #sportchic range is available in stock in all sizes).


A second line #casualcouture for Women and Men consists of pants, short dresses, long dresses, shirts, vests.


The #casualcouture range consists of noble materials mainly woven like French linen, gabardine covered with beeswax, cotton poplin, silk / hemp / cotton blend.


Each design is made to measure and provides a real well being when worn. (The #casualcouture range is sewn on demand)


Inspired by their own complicity part of the locker room of B & F is coordinated men / women